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Smartpill Test

The wireless motility capsule (Smartpill) is an ambulatory noninvasive and nonradioactive diagnostic sensor that continuously samples intraluminal pH, temperature, and pressure as it moves through the gastrointestinal tract. The test starts with the ingestion of a meal to initiate the postprandial motility pattern following an overnight fast. The meal consists of a SmartBar (260 kcal, 2% fat, 2 g fiber), followed by 120 ml water. Immediately after the meal, the patient swallows the capsule with 50 ml water.

Patients are then released from the clinical setting and they are given the data receiver and a diary for recording bowel movements, food intake, sleep, and GI symptoms. Physical restrictions include no strenuous activities such as sit-ups, abdominal crunches, and prolonged aerobic activity (> 15 min), which can affect pressure measurements. Additionally, patients refrain the use of GI medications that could affect motility. Patients are asked to fast for 6 h after capsule ingestion, after which they ingest a regular meal. This meal allows for the evaluation of the fed response, which is the change in contractile pattern of the small bowel from a fasting to postprandial pattern.

Patients are then instructed to continue their regular diet and routine and to return the data receiver and diary to the medical facility after 5 days. Downloaded data are analyzed using the display software. 

Risk for complications: -                    Discomfort:  -